Seventh Annual Ride: August 15, 2015













Male bikers go through life riding with friends, catching the wind in our hair, the smells, the sights, we work, we spend time with families, but we tend to ignore the subtle signs of aging.  Oh, yeah, and we all like SEX.  Have I got your attention? 

May of ’09 I had a wakeup call.  My doc, Greg Frane, of Northwest Family Physicians, said he didn’t like sticking fingers in folks, asked if I’d take a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test for prostate cancer.  Prior finger poking docs told me I had an enlarged prostate, so I told him to go ahead.  The result?  - - - 7.27, within the danger zone.  Biopsy and CT showed cancer staring at my lymph nodes so out it came via the new Da Vinci robotic surgery.  I was two year’s from dying and didn’t know a thing.  I’m fine, back to a normal life.  I was lucky and praised God and gave thanks to my family doctor and my urologist Joe Cerny.

I was back riding within three weeks of surgery and naturally talked to guys about what happened.  Seems no one knows anything about it.  Wake up, guys!  Your life and your sex life depends on it.  Did you know the prostate filters toxins so you can produce healthy children and MN has the second highest rate of prostate cancer and is the second  most polluted state?  Nearly every male on planet earth will get prostate cancer.  It’s only a matter of when.  If nothing else kills you first, you will die of it.  So, get off your butts and get a simple blood test.

To educate my biker friends in Minnesota and to celebrate my survival with others, I have organized a benefit and awareness ride.  The Seventh Annual Ride For Dads Prostate Cancer Awareness is August 13, 2016.  Sign up is from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 pm at Forest Lake American Legion, 355 West Broadway Ave, Forest Lake, MN.  Kickstands up at 1:00.  We take a scenic route to Wild River Bar & Grill in Almelund and then a very twisty, scenic route to Meister’s Bar & Grill in Scandia before returning to Forest Lake American Legion for refreshments, dinner specials, raffles, and live music by American Gypsy. There will also be raffles at each stop. Information will be available about detection and treatment options provided by members of the Minnesota Prostate Cancer Coalition.  All proceeds go to the Minnesota Prostate Cancer Coalition a 501(c) (3) non-profit, to provide information, patient support, and promote awareness about detection and treatment options for prostate cancer.

Cost for the ride and party:  $20 for rider, $10 for passenger.  Commemorative t-shirts and patches will also be available.   Everyone Welcome including cars to follow and feel free to cage it if weather is bad!!

For additional information, questions, or to make a separate donation to the Minnesota Prostate Cancer Coalition, www.MNPCC.ORG, contact:  Wayne Sticha via email:  or check us out under events and causes on FaceBook at or   Tax ID:  EIN 45-3108671